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Code of Ethics



This code of conduct is simply a guide to help employees of the company to live up to company's ethical standards. Employees are expected to carry out their duties in an honest, fair , diligent and ethical manner within the scope of authorities conferred on them and in accordance with the laws, regulations, guidelines and internal policies and procedures.


Every employee of the company shall :-

  1. Act honestly, fairly, with integrity and loyalty and conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and respectful manner;

  2. Act in compliance with all Laws and Regulations regarding the practice of insurance and other business activities.

  3. Be honest and trust worthy with customers and communicate with them effectively in a clear, prompt, appropriate manner and language.

  4. Give priority to and proper consideration to the needs and interest of the customer.

  5. Act in the best interests of the company and in a manner to enhance and maintain the
    reputation of the company, and fulfill their fiduciary duties to the stakeholders.

  6. Act in good faith and avoid being placed in a position of conflicting interest at all times and to step aside and refuse to act in all matters where conflict of interest exists except where the circumstance is permitted by the regulator.

  7. Be responsible and act with due care, competence and diligence in performing the functions of the office and ;

  8. Treat their colleagues and other associates of the company with dignity and shall not harass any of them in any manner.

  9. Not make improper use of any information acquired in the course of work and not to disclose non-public information except where disclosure is authorized or legally mandated.

  10. Not take advantage of the company's property or use such property for personal gain or to compete with the company but to ensure efficient use of the company's asset for legitimate business purposes.

  11. Be accountable and at all times ensure the protection of money and/or property held on behalf of clients.

  12. Ensure and always encourage the reporting of unlawful/unethical behavior and actively promote the protection of those who report violations in good faith.

  13. Not engage in conduct likely to bring discredit to the company and should encourage fair dealing by all employees with the company's customers, suppliers, competitors and other employees.

  14. discourage the acceptance of lavish gifts or gratuities or any offer, loan, payment, promise to pay, or authorization to pay any money, or anything of value that could be interpreted to adversely affect business decisions or likely to compromise their personal or professional integrity.

  15. Avoid diversion of business opportunities of the Company by exploiting for their own personal gain.

  16. It is the Company's policy to ensure continuous, timely and adequate disclosure of Company's information. The Company is committed to full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports and documents it files with or submits to the regulatory authorities and in other public communications.

  17. Be socially responsible and operate in a way that respects the environmental concerns and issues.

It shall be the duty of every employee of the company to read and fully understand this code of business conduct and ethical practices of the company herein set out and comply with the principles contained herein.