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Fire and Special Perils Insurance

Fire (whether resulting from explosion or otherwise). The term fire is defined in insurance as actual ignition of something which should not be on fire. The cause must be accidental or fortuitous in origin. This definition excludes deliberate fire, chemical reaction and fire within its normal confines. It however, includes fire spreading from its normal place and direct effects of fire such as damage resulting from attempts to extinguish it by water, damages from smoke or by collapse of building  or loss/damage by weather, theft to property being taken to safety or while in the open thereafter, though within reasonable time.

The standard fire policy covers three basic risks; 

  • Fire (whether resulting from explosion  or otherwise)
  • Lightning
  • Explosion of boilers or gas used for domestic.

The policy ensures protection of fixed assets such as buildings and contents against physical loss or damage by fire.

Special Perils, for additional premiums, may be added to the standard fire policy.
They include:

  • Storm
  • Flood
  • Explosion 
  • Burst pipes and overflowing of water tanks etc.
  • Impact by vehicles
  • Malicious damage
  • Earthquake damage
  • Aircraft damage
  • Bush fire
  • Tornado & cyclone
  • Riot & Strike

This covers the financial loss to your company, resulting from reduction in earnings or increased cost of working following damage by an insured perils covered under Fire/Extraneous Perils Insurance.


This policy could be effected by the owner of the building i.e. Houseowner and/or tenants. It applies to both the building and the contents. It combines four different classes of insurance – fire/special perils, burglary/theft, public liability and personal accident.

The policy could be divided into five sections;

  • Building, covers Fire & Lighting, special perils
  • Contents, covers Fire, Burglary and Accidental damage
  • Additional expenses of alternative accommodation and loss of rent
  • Liability to the public
  • Personal Accident

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